Why Invest In The Northwest

You might think we’re biased, (maybe we are) but we can vouch for the fact that the North West is outperforming the South in a number of different ways.

Specialising in peer to peer lending, property crowdfunding and property developments in the North West, The House Crowd strongly believes that the region has more to offer the investor than any other area of the country. With The House Crowd being based in the South of Manchester many of our team are homegrown. Because of this we are able to offer in-depth, concise insights to our investors. We stick to what we know.

Voted the UK’s best city to live in 2015, Manchester is generally regarded as one if not the best investment hotspot in the country; a natural alternative for investors who are growing increasingly frustrated by the rising costs and dwindling returns currently on offer in London.

In the North West the first-time buyer pays an average deposit of £19,000, equivalent to around 54% of their annual income. This statistic in London however, translates to around £99,573; 149% of their average income. Not only this but stamp duty in the North-West comes to around £3,000. In London this is once again escalated to around £25,700. In short, it’s far easier for young people, graduates and first-time buyers to get on the housing ladder. It is this moderate sensible growth that underpins the demand for housing in the North West and cements its position as the country’s brightest flame.

To give but a summary of why we operate in the North West, we can conclude that the region has: