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Property values can fall. Your capital is at risk & returns may vary. Read our Risk Warning and our Important Information page.

About Property Crowdfunding

Many property experts believe traditional buy-to-let investing is dead. And as far as ordinary individual investors go, they’re probably right.

However, it’s possible to still make a stable, regular income from buy-to-let investing without any of the hassles of traditional property investing.

Property Crowdfunding offers you the opportunity to make equity investments in property and share in both rental income and any profits from capital growth on sale.

Our assured rental portfolio has been delivering healthy returns to investors since 2016.

Average gross yields have been 9.4% p.a. with net dividends paid to investors, after all costs and management fees, averaging 5.6% p.a.*

Though past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, to date the returns paid on our assured rental portfolio have been 100% as forecast for each property investment.


Reasons To Invest

* Calculated average returns from assured rental property portfolio - figures last updated 17/1/2018.

Typical Equity Investments

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