The Alternative Investment Podcast

How to make money with secured property investing

Join CEO of The House Crowd Frazer Fearnhead and investing expert Paul Stallard as they explore a range of thought-provoking issues surrounding alternative investment.

Designed to educate and entertain, our brand new 'Alternative Investment' podcast brings a variety of upbeat, fun and bite-sized tidbits.

Series 1

Episode 1- An introduction to property investment

In the first episode of our very first season, Frazer and Paul discuss the implications of property crowdfunding and how it's on the fast track to dominating the alternative investment sphere.

Episode 2- The looming pension crisis

In this episode, Frazer and Paul discuss the Looming pension crisis and how it could affect those looking toward retirement in the near future

Episode 3- The billionaire's property secret

This time it's all about sharing. Frazer discusses the importance of crowdfunding and property investment to those who make billions.

Episode 4- Everything you need to know about property development

Everything you need to know about property development in a concise and informative nutshell

Episode 5- All about peer to peer lending

What's peer to peer lending all about anyway? Discover a whole new take on the concept with Frazer and Paul in episode 5 of The Alternative Investment Podcast.