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* Capital at risk and rates are not guaranteed. Please read our important information page and risk warning before investing.

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Property Investment Opportunities

The idea that property investment is reserved for those with money and experience is a major misconception – as is the idea that there are limited property investment methods.

At The House Crowd, we offer a wide range of property investment opportunities with reliable returns. None requires deep pockets, or deep wells of expertise: anyone with £1,000 can get involved.

How The House Crowd works

We offer four different ways to invest in property.

Secured Peer To Peer Lending offers investors the chance to directly lend money to property owners. It’s a short-term commitment, the minimum level of investment is £1,000, and all funds are secured against the borrower’s land and property. You always know who – and which property – you’re investing in, and you benefit from average returns of 8.57% p.a. (average returns as of June 2020).

Peer to Peer Property Development Funding involves financing new build housing projects. As with peer to peer property lending, your investment is secured against the developer’s land and property. With this form of funding, you can expect to earn up to 10% target interest over a relatively short loan period. You will also be helping solve Britain’s ongoing housing crisis and to make a great return along the way.

Auto-Invest is our latest service – offering you the opportunity to profit from peer to peer lending without managing an investment portfolio at all. Just deposit the funds, let us do the hard work. We diversify your investment across secured property development loans and bridging loans, and you earn an annual target rate of up to 7% p.a.* interest – 365 days a year. You will be paid your interest twice a year. As of January 2020, we have 3 Auto-Invest products - Cautious, Balanced and Bold which have different levels of risk and pay different target returns. Choose the product which reflects the level of risk you are prepared to accept though remember your capital is at risk.
[ ISA and SIPP eligible ]

The Innovative Finance ISA (IF ISA) (as of 15th January 2020 all IF-ISA investments can be made through our 3 Auto-Invest Products). This lets you invest up to £20,000 a year and earn a target rate of up to 7% p.a.* depending on the level of risk you are willing to accept, completely tax-free. We’ll diversify your investment across a range of loans (mitigating your risk) all secured against property – relieving you of the burden of managing it yourself and giving you the returns and tax benefits associated with the IF ISA.

*No interest rates quoted are guaranteed. All rates are target rates only.

Why The House Crowd?

At The House Crowd, we provide you with several ways to pursue property investment opportunities that deliver consistent, predictable yields – enabling you to build a healthier financial future.

We do peer to peer lending and crowdfunding, and we do it extremely well: since our official launch in 2012, over £122M has been invested via our platform across more than 350 properties – with over £68M paid out to investors in capital and returns (figures as of June 2020).

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