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Property values can fall. Your capital is at risk & returns may vary. Read our Risk Warning and our Important Information page.

How Auto-Invest Works

With The House Crowd’s brand new Auto-Invest service, you can get the benefits of peer to peer lending without the hassle of managing an investment portfolio.

You can invest in just a few clicks, then sit back and relax whilst we automatically diversify your available funds, spread your risk across a portfolio of secured peer to peer loans and property developments, and collect your interest for you.

That means your money will be earning interest 365 days a year with no 'downtime' in between investments.

You will earn a fixed annual rate of 7%. You can choose to receive your interest twice a year. Or you can choose to compound your interest (i.e. reinvest the interest you earn). Do that for 5 years and it should equate to an average annualised return of 8.2%.*

You can withdraw your capital after the Minimum Term on 30 days’ notice**


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