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*Capital at risk and rates are not guaranteed. Please read our important information page and risk warning before investing.

*Average returns based on bridging loan portfolio 2016-2018 (Average returns by year: (2016 = 8.8% p.a., 2017 = 9.7% p.a., 2018 = 8.9% p.a.).
Remember, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Why Secured Peer To Peer Lending Is A Smarter Way To Invest

We provide members with an accessible, hassle free way to build a diverse investment portfolio secured on UK property through our easy-to-use crowdfunding platform, enabling them to achieve consistently high returns.

Thousands of people are already pooling their collective investing power to enjoy the kind of returns previously only enjoyed by the very wealthy and financial institutions.

You don't a need a mortgage, or a deposit, and you don't need any expert knowledge (that's our job). Relatively speaking, you don't even need much to get started. You just need £1000, and a commitment to grow it, not blow it.

It's free to join and get access to all the latest secured peer to peer lending investment opportunities so you can make your money work smarter and harder – and that much faster.


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* Average returns paid out to investors on peer to peer loans from 2015-2018. Remember, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. ** Approximate running total of investment in peer to peer loans since 2012 - figures last updated 1/2/2018. *** Approximate running total number of peer to peer loans - figures last updated 1/2/2018.

More About Secured Peer To Peer Lending

The emergence of peer to peer lending directly correlates with investor frustration with more traditional investing options. High-street bank savings accounts and ISAs might seem simpler, but returns are often much lower – and they require you to tie up your money for significant periods of time to realise a profit.

The modern investor doesn’t want to wait around to make money, and the borrower find it harder to successfully jump through all the hoops traditional financial institutions like banks require.

Short term peer to peer lending in the property market has risen to meet the needs of both borrowers and investors.

It isn’t always the easiest way to invest, and it can result in increased risks for the lender if loans are not secured. But if you’re well informed and work with a secured peer to peer lending provider, such as The House Crowd, it can be a highly profitable alternative to conventional methods – particularly when tangible, high-value assets such as property are used as the underlying security.

Alternatives To Secured Peer To Peer Lending

Peer to peer property lending isn’t for everyone. You may also want to consider our property crowdfunding and property development investment options. But if peer to peer investing is for you, then you should consider The House Crowd.

Open your House Crowd account today or contact one of our specialists to discuss your P2P investing needs.

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