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Bridging Loans from House Crowd Finance

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Are you a property owner looking for a fast, flexible and short term bridging loan?

House Crowd Finance is a marketplace lender which provides bridging loans to property investors and businesses. House Crowd Finance is linked to The House Crowd, an FCA-authorised* peer to peer lending and property crowdfunding platform which enables investors to lend directly to borrowers.

The House Crowd has access to institutional and private capital along with virtually unlimited crowdfunded monies, which puts us in the right position to provide bridging finance solutions.

So, if you are looking for a short term funding option to help with a property or business transaction, bridge loan financing through House Crowd Finance might be the right solution for you. Our customers use their bridge loans for residential or commercial property transactions, development or renovation projects, and as quick cash injections for their businesses.

If your requirements fall outside of these parameters, that’s OK – we may still be able to work with you over the phone to come to find a solution.

*Please note that House Crowd Finance itself is not FCA authorised and only provides unregulated loans. The FAQs and Risk Warning links on this page apply to investors rather than borrowers.

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Is a Bridging Loan right for you?

Bridging loans are designed to help you ‘bridge’ the gap between a debt that you owe and your main line of credit becoming available. The loans are designed to be short term, and so enable you to take advantage of short term opportunities.

They are also used to quickly close on a property (often through auctions), or to support development or renovation projects. For businesses in particular, bridging finance also helps to remedy cash flow issues.

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Key information

How it works

1. First, we review each borrow enquiry we receive

2. If the enquiry is suitable, we will issue an offer letter

3. If you proceed with the bridging loan, we draft an application form that can be approved by our lawyer

4. We then begin a more in-depth due diligence process, researching your background and intended exit strategy from the loan

5. Once the due diligence is complete, our solicitor will draft the documentation, and provide a loan agreement

Once the loan agreement is accepted, we will transfer your money to you as quickly as possible. Upon redemption, we will create a redemption statement for your solicitor. We take our responsibilities as bridge loan lenders very seriously and will insist on a plausible means of exit being in place prior to us providing a decision in principle.

This is typically either via sale of property or re-financing with another lender over a longer term, for example, on a buy-to-let mortgage.

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A bridging loan could be the key to unlocking your next investment opportunity. If you’d like to speak to us about a potential bridging loan for you or your company, get in touch for a confidential and friendly chat with our professional bridging finance team.

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