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*Capital at risk and rates are not guaranteed. Please read our important information page and risk warning before investing.

Peer to Peer Lending ISA - The Smarter Way To Invest

Peer to peer lending has become hugely popular in recent years. It’s easier than ever to loan money to individuals and organisations and peer to peer ISAs alone come in a number of different types: loans to consumers, loans to businesses, loans to property buyers and developers – amongst other things. The House Crowd offers a property-based peer to peer Innovate Finance ISA.

The appeal is simple, and lies in its name: no middlemen, no banks – it’s a loan from one peer to another. And all deals conducted through our platform are secured with a charge against a property or land, ensuring that your investment is secured.

A peer to peer ISA allows you to engage in this increasingly popular form of lending – within a tax-free environment. As with the majority of investment options, it carries a certain level of risk, and investors should always diversify their portfolios to protect against potential losses.

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An Alternative To Traditional Options

A cash ISA offers stable and consistent – albeit relatively low – returns. For investors wanting to make their money work as hard as possible, it’s often an unappealing option.

Stocks and shares ISAs offer larger potential returns through a range of investments such as cash, government or corporate bonds, stocks, and shares – or they allow you to choose a fund that represents a mixture of different investment types. But, you’re at the mercy of markets, and your level of reward is liable to fluctuate.

The peer to peer ISA (also known as the Innovative Finance ISA) presents a viable alternative to stocks and shares and cash ISAs. At The House Crowd we’ve designed one to provide fixed returns, that’s based on a diverse portfolio of secured, short-term peer to peer lending.

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