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The House Crowd is a great new way you can invest small amounts in property via ‘crowdfunding’.

It’s about property investing together and sharing together. No banks. No expensive mortgage arrangement fees. No credit checks.  It’s simple and easy to invest with us.  And best of all, we work with you for mutual benefit and do not charge you any fees.

It’s a very simple way to invest in property.

About Crowdfunding Property Investment FundsInvestors “crowd” together, each providing a small amount of the money needed to purchase a suitable investment property at a good price,  typically an empty or run down property where we can add value through refurbishment.

We provide the property investment expertise, the contacts and do all the work in finding, purchasing and refurbishing the property, making it easy for you to invest in property, without lifting a finger.  Just sit back and relax – it’s a true armchair property investment fund.

We have two types of investment models to choose from: an income/capital growth investment model or a pure income-generating model.

You can invest from just £1,000 with a minimum tie-in period of 12 months.

Invest in property for income (6% p.a.) and capital growth

Invest in property for income only (7.5% p.a.)

What could be fairer than that?

See our FAQ page or How the Crowdfunding Process Works page for more details of how to invest in property with the House Crowd. We have a growing number of Muslim investors involved in House Crowd Projects and we have been told that our capital growth model is a Sharia compatible investment opportunity and offers a great vehicle for Islamic investors.

To read about current and completed House Crowd property investment fund projects, simply click on the View Our Property Investments button below.

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