“It’s the smarter way to grow your savings”

Most people recognise property investment is a solid way to grow your wealth. However, it usually requires a large pot of money to buy properties and managing them can be very time-consuming.

We solve both those problems for you and help you grow your savings with completely hassle-free investments secured by solid bricks and mortar.

We use the power of crowdfunding to enable investors to pool their resources, spread their risk over a number of different properties and earn great returns.
You rely on our knowledge and expertise to find the best investment properties available. You can invest with just £1000, earn hassle-free returns, sit back and watch your portfolio grow.

Crowdfunding is all about investing together and sharing together. No banks. No expensive mortgage arrangement fees. No credit checks.

It’s simple, easy and totally transparent… It’s the smarter way to invest in property.

  • £9.14m Raised to date
  • 110 Properties purchased
  • £8914 Average Investment