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Property values can fall. Your capital is at risk & returns may vary. Read our Risk Warning and our Important Information page.
Why our investors love what we do
We now have over 14,000 members in our House Crowd community. 
96% of our investors told us they would recommend us to family and friends. Many of our investors now regularly invest via our platform every month and 71% of our investors have now invested in multiple properties through us. This more than anything makes us really proud that people genuinely love what we do and come back time and time again.
"A simple way to get into the Buy to Let market.No need to be wealthy.Invest whatever you can afford. But miss out on all the hassle of being a sole landlord. Competent and relaxed management; good communication...With a sense of humour as well!"

Patricia Callaghan
"Thank you for the 15.97% total return on my peer to peer loan. I have reinvested most of the capital and interest into a further short term loan. Keep them coming. Thank you"

John Gurnhill
"Many people like me want to own property but without the hassle of being an active landlord; The House Crowd make it easy and offer a level of expertise most amateur buy-to-let landlords cannot match.What's more,unlike other property investment schemes THC provide very transparent process."

Paul McGuire 
Channel Islands
"Followed this investment for over a year before being satisfied of its genuineness. Good returns very good, clear communications and very open makes it's very good investment."

Maurice Napoli 
"For someone who did not have the time to devote to personal development of property The House Crowd provides the perfect alternative and at reasonable returns. One of the key factors in my investment was being able to meet with and talk to the people who actually run the company. They are an innovative team and always ready to discuss new ideas.For me,this works well."

Chris Ashcroft
"A simple & transparent way to get Involved in buy to let without the hassle of being landlord or needing a large deposit to get started."
Graham Gunn

Graham Gunn
"The House Crowd provides a well managed platform for property investment. I have experience in direct investment in commercial property and wanted to diversify in to residential however recent legislation changes and the low ROI kept me out of the market until I discovered THC. THC offer the ability to spread the investment risk and their management team do all the hard work whilst gaining significant improvements on the average returns from direct investment. THC are a friendly, well managed company providing a first class service people interested in property investment. Crowd funding is not just the future, it is now!"
M.A.N Swindon

Kevin Jarvis
"At a time of weak returns from most other investments and widespread scepticism as regards financial services providers,The House Crowd offers impressive returns with good security. It's a hassle-free way to invest in property, which is easy to understand and run by trustworthy, friendly people - what's not to like ?."
Mr JH, Oldham

Jonathan Hoyle
"… I was an independent financial adviser, dealing in discretionary management, and I would whole heartedly recommend THC. They now have expanded their investment service to include loans offering far higher rates of interest then normal deposit rates namely +/- 8% pa. Equally importantly I believe, they pride themselves with a direct and very human means of channel of communication, so that you can when necessary, actually speak to their staff .. They are steadily and carefully building on this solid foundation, with the special talents their increasing team members bring, and I am happy to have come across such a company, which plays an integral part of my retirement portfolio, and to recommend it to others, given this"
J Clark

Mark De Mallet Morgan
"The House Crowd offers that which most investors strive for - frequent cash flows, security, and the opportunity for capital gains. The team is very approachable and utterly professional. I can't recommend The House Crowd strongly enough!"

Stephen Peterson
"Payments returned and interest payed on time every time regular information on future investments I would definitely recommend investing with the house crowd to anybody excellent investments short or long term with excellent interest rates beats banks rates every time."

Chris Stephenson
"In my dealings with The House Crowd to date, all the promised returns have been delivered and exactly when THC said that they would be delivered. I do appreciate dealing with a professionally run organisation just gets on with doing what it says it's going to do."

Robert Steele
"The website is easy to understand,and all communications are clear and concise.Their approach is personal and friendly as well as being kept up to date throughout the entire process. The whole procedure of investing with House Crowd is conducted in a professional manner.I am very happy to invest in House Crowd and will continue to do so."
Mr S.J.C.Buckie

Stephen Cranfield
"A safe way to ethically invest in property,repairing unlivable houses for rent."

Jonathan Farrington
"The House Crowd is a radically innovative organisation. Through crowdsourcing, investors can be exposed to higher returns in markets that had, traditionally been exclusive to institutional funds."
Mr L.A. Huerta

Luis Huerta

The House Crowd Limited (FRN 725648) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The House Crowd Limited nor any of their affiliates or group companies provides any advice or recommendations in relation to this website. If you have any doubt about the suitability of any investment marketed by The House Crowd Limited, or you require financial advice, you should seek a personal recommendation from an appropriately qualified financial advisor that does give advice.

Investments are only available to certain specified persons who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand the risks. Investments in property and unlisted shares carry risk and you may not receive the anticipated returns and your capital may be at risk.