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3-Year Innovative Finance ISA

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7% p.a.*


3-Year Innovative Finance Isa

£1,595,245 invested and earning interest for 127 investors


This product has a 3-year minimum term.

The House Crowd’s Innovative Finance ISA service pays a target rate of 7% p.a. with interest paid twice a year (rate not guaranteed). These payments will be paid into your nominated bank account on the 30th October and 30th April. Your money is invested in secured peer-to-peer loans, property development loans and mezzanine finance loans. We automatically spread your capital and your risk over a diverse portfolio of property loans as far as practicable.

The Minimum Term of the Innovative Finance ISA is 3 years* (the three year term starting from the end of the tax year in which you invest) and you may not withdraw funds within this timeframe. After the Minimum Term you may choose to keep your capital invested or withdraw your funds, subject to the product Terms and Conditions, (in Documents section below). Note also that 3 months’ notice is required.  Capital will be repaid as soon as practicable with any interest due paid out at the next semi-annual payment date.

However, there are no guarantees that capital will be returned and you should only invest if you fully understand the risks involved.

You may invest a minimum amount of £1,000 and a maximum of £20,000, within a tax-free wrapper. All investment transactions have a minimum investment amount of £1,000 with increments of £100 on that investment - so you can invest £1,200, but you cannot invest £900.  Each investment you make has a minimum amount of £1,000.

Your interest calculation will commence 14 days from receipt of funds and you will be sent a confirmation email confirming this date.  

We are afraid we cannot currently accept payments by debit card, but by bank transfer only.  Please also note the bank account details for ISA payments differ from our other bank account details, so please ensure you use the bank details as supplied in your application confirmation email.  You also cannot use funds from your wallet to fund your investment, due to the bank account that needs to be paid into which is not connected to the wallet system.  

It is also very important that ISA funds are sent from a bank account that has the investor's name on it - you cannot send funds from a family member's bank account or from a company bank account as doing so will cause delays in your funds being receipted in and your interest calculation start date.  Joint accounts are acceptable to send from, but the investor's name must show clearly in the joint account name.

If you have invested in an ISA with us in the previous tax year, you can invest in HCISA - 3 for the current tax year subject to a new 3 year term [commencing from the end of this tax year] but please be mindful that you keep your contributions below the £20,000 threshold (this threshold applies to your combined ISAs, so if you have cash ISAs or Stocks and Shares ISAs, you maximum total contribution in a year to all these is £20,000).

Please note your application will show with a status of "pending" in your online portfolio until your funds have been reconciled in.  This can take up to 48 hours, and is only done in business hours so investment made in the weekend or on a bank holiday will not show as complete before the next working day.

- The House Crowd’s Innovative Finance ISA is available to UK residents only -

If however you have a UK ISA and wish to transfer it across to us, you can do so if you are resident outside of the UK.  You cannot however make additional contributions to it.  Please see below for instructions on how to transfer your ISA.

** We are now accepting ISA Transfers **

As of September 2018 we are accepting ISA transfers from other ISA managers. To transfer your existing ISA please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account
2. Click 'My portfolio'
3. Click 'New ISA transfers' button
4. Select which ISA type you would like to transfer into our IF ISA
5. Follow instructions to completion

ISA Transfer Fees:

There is no fee for a transfer from another ISA manager for amounts of £5,000 and over. For amounts lower than £5,000 there is a £50 admin fee which will be deducted from the amount transferred over.  There is a minimum £1,000 amount that you can transfer over, before fees. Transfers in do not need to be in £1,000 increments, so you can for instance transfer in amounts such as £5,261.55.

Important Information

*Your House Crowd ISA must be held for a minimum of 3 years, subject to the terms of Section 6 of the product manual. The 3-year minimum term will be calculated to commence from the end of the tax year in which the investment is made and will expire on the third anniversary of the end of that tax year.

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the risks involved with P2P loans before investing. Your capital is at risk.

Please make sure you read our House Crowd Finance Underwriting Manuals, available to download from our important information page on the website. These will familiarise you with the policies involved with our bridging and development loans. Our diversification statistics are also published each month on our blog.

Please note: if the account you hold with us at present is in joint names or a company name you will need to open a new account under a different email address and apply for the ISA product under this account, as ISA accounts cannot be applied for under joint or company accounts.


Below are the documents that comprise the Investment Pack for 3-Year Innovative Finance ISA (HCISA-3). Before investing, please download and read all of the below documents. Please remember, your capital is at risk.

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