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Target Rate
7% p.a.*



£3,907,707 invested and earning interest for 517 investors


The House Crowd Auto-Invest service pays a target rate of 7% p.a.*

Interest is paid twice a year on the 30th of October and 30th of April.

Your capital is automatically spread across a diversified portfolio of peer-to-peer loans, property developments loans and mezzanine finance loans as far as is practicable and secured by a way of legal charges against the borrower’s land/property assets in accordance with our P2P underwriting policies.  

As an extra layer of security, in the unlikely event a borrower’s defaults and the secured property does not sell for sufficient to repay lenders capital, House Crowd Finance will absorb 10% of any losses incurred. 

The minimum term is 12-months and you may not withdraw funds within this timeframe. After the expiry of the minimum term for your investment (12 months from the date your investment was made), 30 days written notice is required for the return of capital (subject to our terms).  Please email [email protected] if you wish to give notice after your minimum term has expired.  Subject to our terms, your capital will be repaid by the end of the 30-day notice period, and your interest will be calculated up to but not including the date capital is repaid, and will be paid to you on the next semi-annual payment run (30th October or 30th April, whichever comes first).

However, there are no guarantees that capital will be returned and you should only invest if you understand the risks involved.

The minimum investment is £1,000 with increments of £100, and this can be topped up any time with a minimum subsequent investment of £1,000. Please note that every additional investment you make is also subject to a minimum term of 12-months.

Your investment will start earning interest 14 days from the date your funds are received.  

We strongly believe in investor education. You will find this on the website numerous investment guides, articles, videos, manuals and webinars explain the investments and the risks they carry.  Our diversification statistics are also published each month on our blog.

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the investments and the risks involved BEFORE investing. Click on the Learn More tab in the main menu. And feel free to call our member support team if something is not clear to you. We are always happy to help. 

Investors outside of the UK are welcome to invest in this product provided their country of residence allows investments of this nature.  It is up to the investor to verify this as we cannot advise.  Please also note all interest is paid gross and it is up to the investor to pay any tax owed in the country they are tax resident in.

* Please note no returns are guaranteed.  Your capital is at risk.


Below are the documents that comprise the Investment Pack for Auto-Invest (HCAI-1). Before investing, please download and read all of the below documents. Please remember, your capital is at risk.

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