Property Investment Wigan

Property investment in the North West is on the rise, and the rest of the country is struggling to keep up. The amount of property investment Wigan has seen in recent years is testament to an enduring phenomenon across the region. Part of the North West ‘Green Belt’, Wigan’s surface area features an impressive 70 percent of wide-open space. With a grand total of seven different nature reserves, Wigan is one of the North West’s more naturally inclined locales making it a hot spot for outdoor enthusiasts from up and down the country. With such a vast amount of space at its disposal and in a time of such great regional prosperity, development isn’t a question of if, but when. Wigan’s population extends beyond 318,000 making up for up 12% of Greater Manchester’s entire population. With such a dense population, the area calls upon a wide and varied workforce making it a valuable attribute to the North West in general. The area’s recent appreciation in value and desirability. Property investment in Wigan more viable than ever before. Conveniently located between the metropolitan cities of Manchester and Liverpool, Wigan offers exceptional transportation links in and around the North West.

Sprinkled with an array of historically and culturally significant attractions, Wigan has been a familiar face to those in and around the North West of England for quite some time. The birthplace of Northern Soul, Wigan was responsible for nurturing a vibrant and inherently unique northern music scene. A musical movement that spawned the likes of Dobie Gray, The Fascinations and Yvonne Baker, Northern Soul put Wigan on the map. Played by clubs like The Twisted Wheel, The Golden Torch and Wigan Pier, Northern Soul was embraced on a truly international level, cementing the region’s status as a musical tour de force. Not only is Wigan recognised for its cultural significance to the UK and beyond, it’s also recognised for its culinary contributions to the world - crusts and all! Home to the annual the World Pie Eating championship, Wigan is a leading light in the preservation of pie orientated heritage (someone needed to be!)

Why Should I Invest In Property In Wigan?

Residential investment

Wigan offers extremely affordable house prices, each with the potential to increase in value over time. As with many places in the Northwest, Wigan showcases great potential for capital growth. In the last 12 months alone, house prices have risen in Wigan by up to 4.83%. Whilst property prices in Wigan have been on the increase for a number of decades, the area’s dramatic appreciation in value can be attributed to an equally sudden increase in investment in the local community. One such investment that has been proposed to revitalise Wigan’s community, will introduce brand new facilities for local families. The investment will be roughly £2m in value and the money generated from it will be utilised to reintroduce safer, higher spec family spaces and attractions.

Commercial Investment

Thanks to the many transportation links , many business owners and companies have decided to stake their claim in the area; one such company being the international food corporation Heinz. Wigan is currently in the midst of a regeneration scheme - one so ambitious that it intends to pump £60m of capital into local shopping complex ‘The Galleries’. Experiencing a commercial slump in recent years, this massive slab of investment will transform the retail development for years to come. Wigan has taken additional measures to draw shoppers to its retail centres. For the rest of 2018, Wigan has scrapped parking charges on authority owned sites. By encouraging shoppers to bring their custom to the town centre, Wigan can expect an indiscriminate rise in the amount of investment it receives. Whilst the last few years have seen Wigan’s economy treading water, it is expected to grow by an astonishing astonishing 2.3%. By the year 2024 this projection in value is estimated to lie around the £6 billion mark. As is a recurring theme with all commercial investment, there is a direct correlation between the amount of money invested into an area’s economy and the amount of property investment. The volume of property investment Wigan experiences can generally be expected to increase as more is invested in the local economy and infrastructure.

There are many property investment opportunities in Wigan, as well as other areas throughout the North West, including Manchester and Liverpool through The House Crowd’s peer to peer lending and Property Crowdfunding products. Or, for more information, contact us today .