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Nestled in between Manchester and Liverpool, and by the side of the river Mersey, is the town of Warrington. With a population of around 200,000, Warrington has been named as having one of the strongest performing economies in the region. It has the highest GVA in the North of England and, as a result, more people are interested in buying and developing local properties.

Accordingly, more homebuyers and property developers are looking for peer to peer loans – opening up a lucrative avenue for property investment in Warrington.

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Why is Warrington Great for Property?

The major claim to fame for Warrington is that it is home to the UK’s first ever IKEA. Chosen by the flat-packing, meatball toting furniture vendors for its potential for regeneration and growth, Warrington has seen considerable expansion and growth ever since. The upcoming Omega business park is one such example.

Upon completion, there will be 650,000 square miles of offices, manufacturing and distribution space along with some retailers, hotels and conference facilities. Around 24,000 jobs are likely to be created over the lifetime of the scheme, making it one of Europe's largest business parks. As more companies open branches in Warrington, the number of job opportunities increase, so it makes logical sense that property investment in Warrington has become more popular.

Warrington’s position in between two major cities and its affordability make it a logical choice for property investors. It is right in heart of the North West and has fantastic transport links, which makes it a seriously good place to live for working professionals looking to commute to a more metropolitan environment.

“Warrington has an incredible amount of potential due to its location and job opportunities”, says Frazer Fearnhead, CEO and founder of The House Crowd. “It is now also home to a number of exciting new property developments that give property investors the opportunity to invest in peer to peer loans."

How to Invest in Warrington’s Property Market

At The House Crowd, we bring peer to peer lending and crowdfunding together with property so that there are alternative investment options in the property market. Our Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) is a property-based ISA made up of a variety of our different peer to peer property loans, offering 7% p.a. under a tax-free wrapper. As house prices increase and the value of buy-to-let options decreases, these alternative investment options have become an increasingly popular avenue into the property market.

All of our loans are secured against the underlying value of the property, which protects investors in the event that a borrower default. Across our peer to peer bridging loans, we have an average return rate of 9.2% per annum and our investment platform operates quickly and efficiently. Each loan application is carefully assessed to ensure compliance – and to meet the borrower’s needs.

Investors that are interested in property investment in Warrington might also be interested in our other property investment opportunities in Manchester, Liverpool and other prime locations throughout the Northwest.

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