Peer To Peer Property Lending

Why consider peer to peer property lending?

Property investments have always been attractive, but for many years were considered inaccessible – reserved only for those with a large supply of capital and an excellent credit rating.

Peer to peer property lending makes this asset class available. It’s a simple way to invest, with your money secured on UK property assets.

You don't need a large lump sum. In fact you can start building your portfolio from £1,000.

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*Capital at risk and rates are not guaranteed. Please read our important information page and risk warning before investing.

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Why Invest In Peer To Peer Property Lending?

Property investment is attractive because it’s easily understood. Where other financial products can seem borderline inexplicable (try explaining an accrual bond or a collateralised debt obligation without pulling your hair out), property investment is tangible and easy to understand.

The problem is that until recently, it has largely been viewed as the domain of financial institutions and high net worth players.

Peer to peer property lending with The House Crowd changes all that. It gives borrowers who can’t (or may not want to) secure traditional bank finance, a means of accessing vital funds, and it gives you the chance to buy into the market – opening up potentially lucrative returns.

We offer secured peer to peer lending services that allow you to earn a consistent, predictable income.

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How It Works

There are six key steps in our property investment process.

1. A borrower submits an enquiry about one of our property-backed loans.

2. Using the information provided, we’ll assess the viability of their enquiry. If it seems like we can do a deal, we’ll make a provisional loan offer.

3. Should the borrower accept our terms, we’ll perform comprehensive due diligence on the individual in question. For your safety, their safety, and our safety, we need to know all we can about the property, the creditworthiness of the borrower, and their general background. This includes an independent valuation report obtained by a RICS-qualified surveyor.

4. If the borrower passes due diligence, a loan deal and loan to value (LTV) will be agreed. We never offer more than 75% LTV. This means if someone borrowed 75% of the value of their property and defaulted, no lender would lose money unless the property value fell more than 25% in the same period. During the last financial crash in 2008, property prices fell 13% - this gives you an indication of how bad things would need to get! So, for example, if we’re lending the borrower £600,000 and the property has been professionally valued at £950,000, that’s a 63.2% LTV.

5. As the lender, you can access loan information and valuation at any time on our site – deciding if you want to invest at your discretion.

6. When the loan is redeemed, you’ll get your money back plus any interest accrued during the repayment period.

Why Peer To Peer Property Lending Matters

For new and experienced investors alike, short term peer to peer lending is an excellent option – and not just because it offers great fixed returns. The P2P approach works because of:

  • Peer to Peer Property Lending - Individuality


    You choose the loans you wish to invest in, or try our Auto-Invest service which automatically diversifies your portfolio for you.

  • Peer to Peer Property Lending - Individuality


    Our P2P loans are typically advertised for 3-12 months. Delays can happen, but this still presents a much shorter commitment than most investments.

  • Peer to Peer Property Lending - Individuality

    Reliable returns

    Unlike equity investments or the stock market, our model can help you can earn consistent and predictable returns.

  • Peer to Peer Property Lending - Individuality

    High returns

    It’s possible to make more money from P2P property lending than many other investment options – including dividend yields.

  • Peer to Peer Property Lending - Individuality


    By securing your money via a legal charge on the borrower’s property at a maximum LTV of 75%, aim to mitigate against drops in the property market.

  • Peer to Peer Property Lending - Individuality

    No fees

    We don’t charge investors for making money. Whatever your property-backed loan earns you, you keep.

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Why Choose The House Crowd

As the first property crowdfunding platform in the world, we have the experience and the skillset to provide you with the level of service and transparency needed to succeed in this market. Since 2012, we’ve raised £70m for developers and businesses – and we’ve never lost a penny. , although please note that past performance is not a guide to future performance.

As an organisation regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we are legally obliged to be upfront about any risks involved with investing in property-backed loans. But beyond regulatory necessity, our values mean that openness and honesty are our watchwords.

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