UK house prices flatline

A recent poll by the Halifax has suggested that house prices in the UK will flatline this year and that the market is relatively stagnant. This is not surprising with so much doom and gloom in the financial markets and the euro zone. The threat of more quantitative easing looms and generally everyone is pessimistic, as June rolls in with heavy clouds and rain throughout. The only good news is the hose pipe ban may well be lifted – hooray!

Fear not though as our mood remains resolutely positive, and we’re sure the weather will soon be fabulous.   We at The House Crowd refuse to accept that the world is going to hell in a handcart, and we are focussing on bright horizons and clear blue skies. Stagnant house prices do not affect our model of achieving substantial returns on our investment in property. We have an optimistic view on life whilst achieving realistic returns for our investors – put us to the test, and you will discover you can benefit too.

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