UK House Prices Flatline – But The House Crowd Stays Strong

UK House Prices Flatline – But The House Crowd Stays Strong

A recent poll by the Halifax has suggested that UK house prices will flatline this year and that the market is relatively stagnant. This is not surprising with so much doom and gloom in the financial markets and the eurozone. The threat of more quantitative easing looms and generally, everyone is pessimistic, as June rolls in with heavy clouds and rain throughout. The only good news is the hosepipe ban may well be lifted hooray!

Fear not though as our mood remains resolutely positive, and we’re sure the weather will soon be fabulous.  We at The House Crowd refuse to accept that the world is going to hell in a handcart, and we are focussing on bright horizons and clear blue skies. Stagnant UK house prices do not affect our model of achieving substantial returns on our investment in property. We have an optimistic view on life whilst achieving realistic returns for our investors.

Put us to the test, and you will discover you can benefit too.

Add an ethical purpose, regular updates and the ability to spread your risk to the excellent financial incentives, and we think you’ll see why so many people have already joined The House Crowd.

Property crowdfunding is now taking the investment world by storm, following our brave debut onto the scene in 2012. We offer better returns on investment than many other investment models, and allow people previously locked out of the property market to benefit from the lucrative world of property investment. What’s more, we’re helping bring much-needed new homes across the Greater Manchester area.

For more information on the process of getting involved with property crowdfunding, visit our Crowdfunding Process page.

We are committed to breathing life into empty, rundown properties whilst giving investors great returns on their investments.

To find out more about getting great returns on investment with The House Crowd, start by getting to know us here.

Update: This was the state of UK house prices at time of writing. And our returns on investment are even better now than they were when this article was originally written in 2012. The world may feel more doom and gloom than ever – but we keep marching on!

Did You Hear The House Crowd on Radio 4?

Did you hear us on Radio 4?

This week saw our very own managing director, Frazer Fearnhead take to the microphone and appear live on Monday You and Yours show on BBC Radio 4, discussing the numerous benefits of being a member of The House Crowd.

The interview was a great success and resulted in a great many new sign-ups by new investors, who recognised the great many benefits of the property crowdfunding model after listening to Frazer’s enlightening explanation.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to listen to the interview, then don’t panic, you can check out the link below to listen along at your leisure. Scroll forward 17 minutes, 20 seconds to get to Frazer’s bit:

Listen to Frazer on Radio 4!

We hope you enjoy listening, and if you haven’t already jumped on board The House Crowd bandwagon,  why not join us now?

How To Find Out More

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We are committed to breathing life into empty, rundown properties whilst giving investors great returns on their investments.

Update: Since this Radio 4 interview first aired in 2012, The House Crowd has gone from strength to strength. We continue to be the leaders in the property crowdfunding space in the UK, and our presence and great reputation is continuing to grow all the time.

Many more platforms emerged after us, and some have gone on to do very well. In fact, the entire property crowdfunding industry has exploded since we took those tentative first steps. It is now an industry worth billions worldwide.

No matter how big the industry grows, however, we are confident that, as well as being the first, we will always be the best.

Let Down By Buy-To-Let Lenders

Once again, British banks are being criticised; this time for letting down property investors who have successfully bid at residential property auctions. It has been reported that these investors, many of whom are buy-to-let, are left scrambling to source other forms of finance as their auction deal often leaves them legally bound to complete within strict timeframes, usually just 28 days.

So where does this leave these property investors? With very little choice and often relying on short-term finance.

This is a property investment strategy we would certainly not recommend! Which is probably why we’ve had so much interest since our launch, from those wanting to invest in property while avoiding issues such as these.

The House Crowd is a brand new concept in property investment which allows people to invest small amounts via crowdfunding (for more information on the process, visit We are committed to breathing life into empty, rundown properties whilst giving investors great returns on their property investments (for more information about us, visit If you’ve read enough and want to invest now, visit

Are London Property Prices Falling?

As is often the case, our capital is the matriarchal figure around which the rest of us follow. It is deemed by many to be the best tourist destination, the best place to find top notch restaurants, and generally the best place to live.

However, while for years it has defied the house price falls seen throughout the rest of the UK, recent reports from the ONS suggest London is now leading the way when it comes to plummeting house prices. Visit for the full article.

Whether or not this news means we should all be wary and expect the same elsewhere in Britain, for investors with The House Crowd it is irrelevant as their investments are not reliant on property prices increasing – our property investment strategies are much more effective than that!

 The House Crowd is a brand new concept in property investment which allows people to invest small amounts via crowdfunding (for more information on the process, visit our how it works page). We are committed to breathing life into empty, rundown properties whilst giving investors great returns on their investments (for more information about us, please look at our manifesto page). If you’ve read enough and want to invest now, go to our invest with The House Crowd page).

Do You Need To Be An Olympic Hurdler?

Eying up the hurdles that now face buy to let investments in this current climate  – daunting. You may need to be an Olympic  hurdler to overcome them and invest in property successfully.  The main top five which stop many are as follows:

  1. Deposits are now as much as 25% to – larger cash injection.
  2. Valuations are not meeting sell price – more cash to find.
  3. There are now large fees on arranging a mortgage – more cash.
  4. Standard Variable rates are not in line with the base rate – who is winning here!!
  5. Legal fees and all associated fees – more cash.

Let us take an £85K house that is on the market – and you get it for £80K (well done you may think). Based on a 20% deposit that is £16K to find for the deposit. Now along comes the valuer and he or she reckons that the property is only worth £75k and the mortgage company will only lend you £60K to buy the house – leaving you out of pocket another £5K! The mortgage company says that they have a great rate at 4.99% (4.49 points above the current base rate) and they want to charge £2K for the honour of giving you such a high rate. (who is benefiting there then!) The associated legal fees are a variable but  on these type of buy to let investments you should set aside another £1K. When you get your tenant in, you have the usual expenses of which are obviously a variable – but are time consuming and are by no means hassle free.

You will still need to shell out £24K.

£16K deposit

£5K shortfall due to valuation

£2K for a mortgage arrangement fee

£1K legal fees

Not particularly attractive – a fundamental reason for an alternative option!!!!!

Check our FAQs at The House Crowd


This Is Money Crowdfunding Article

We were very pleased this week to get an article about us and crowdfunding property investment published on the Daily Mail’s This Is Money website. We were less pleased with the trolls who decided to completely trash what we are trying to do without even bothering to try and understand it. Seems to me these people must have had some pretty bad experiences to end up with such a bitter cynical view of life. Still, on the plus side, we also had a number of very positive emails as a result of the article and several new investor applications. We are now well on our way to making our first crowdfunded property investment and are going to view some potential investment properties this afternoon.

Today’s The Day

Today is the official launch of the world’s first crowdfunding property investment company. (That’s us by the way).

If you haven’t heard of crowdfunding before and want to know more you can read all about it on Wikipedia. We hope you all agree it’s a great idea that can help people achieve much better returns on their savings and do so without giving the leeches “ who’ve just decided to put up their standard variable mortgage rates – any business.

Question:Can someone please tell me what the point of signing an agreement that allows one side (i.e. the banks) to alter the agreed rate payable whenever they feel like it.

Seems somewhat unfair to me.

Joint Ventures Property Investment

Joint Ventures Property Investment

Back in 2012, when we were first starting out, we were the first to offer the property crowdfunding investment model. At that time, things were very different to how they are now. Just take a look at this quote from our blog back in March 2012:

“I’ve just been lurking around the property investment forums such as Property Tribes. There seem to be some interesting discussions about joint ventures in relation to property investment but some scepticism about the partners involved, especially as they all seem to charge fees in one way or another.

Not a true joint venture in my opinion.

Hopefully, people will realise we offer a simple, transparent way they can participate in a genuine joint venture and invest in property for mutual benefit.”

This is an example of what we were thinking about back in 2012 when we first launched.

However, since that time, we are pleased to have seen the property crowdfunding market catapult in popularity. Indeed, people did wake up to the simple, transparent joint ventures in property investment that we offered. So, too, did many other property entrepreneurs, who began mimicking our model and setting up their own property crowdfunding and P2P platforms.

Now, the industry is worth billions worldwide. We are proud to have been the first, and still the leaders, in offering a way to invest in a diverse portfolio of property with the potential for high returns.

Find out more by registering with us, or view our property investments directly:

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Launch Party

Big thanks to all our friends and colleagues who turned up on Sunday and braved the cold in House Crowd t-shirts for our photo shoot. Although it was freezing, we managed to narrowly avoid the rain and Chris Bull, the photographer took some great shots.

To see more visit the housecrowd facebook page  and don’t forget to click the like button whilst you’re there.