Establishing Your Own Investment Criteria

Establishing Your Own Investment Criteria

This is an excerpt from Chapter 4, ‘Establishing Your Own Investment Criteria’, of Frazer’s upcoming book, The Alternative Guide To Property Investment. You can register your interest in pre-ordering the book by clicking on the button at the bottom of this post.

We held a dinner for our top-20 investors recently and I think it’s fair to say that just about everybody had different reasons for investing and slightly different criteria for choosing what to invest in.

Before investing any money, you need to consider what you want to achieve. Do you want to sit back and let your investment grow in value (e.g. stamps or wine or a pension fund, if you still think that’s a good idea) or do you want to generate an income (e.g. shares or property)?

Or perhaps a mix of the two?

Do you solely want to provide for your retirement and reinvest any income generated or do you need to earn an immediate income from your investments?

Are you prepared to risk all your capital on the same sort of investment or do you want to make some ultra-safe investments and speculate with a certain portion of your money on riskier but potentially more lucrative investments?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself as the answers will help formulate your own investment criteria. If you have decided that you want to invest some of your capital into property, then the two most significant decisions you need to make are whether you want the emphasis to be on capital growth or cash flow and whether you want to make commercial or residential property investments.

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Pension Investment With Property Crowdfunding

Pension Investment With Property Crowdfunding

The new pension changes have enabled more freedom in taking out the pension, influencing the older generation to set up a business and become entrepreneurial, as well as investing their money in other things such as properties – a good method of pension investment in our opinion.

As cheesy as this may sound, these lenient pension funds mean that dreams can come true for the older folks and The House Crowd are seeing more people over 50 involve themselves with property investment across Manchester, through crowdfunding, which we are thrilled about.

According to The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the over 50s are becoming more entrepreneurial due to the new pension pot freedom rules, enabling them to have the opportunity to achieve their goals. They can dip into their pot when they want and have the option to either take out a large lump sum of money, or in multiple amounts and have the first 25% tax-free. We always believe that no one is too old to dream or get what they want, which is just another reason why property crowdfunding is perfect for pension investment.

Unfortunately, the financial crisis had a damaging effect on the 50+ group due to job losses, employers employing younger members of staff, cheaper staff and assuming the older folk have less experience, which isn’t necessarily the case.

The House Crowd welcomes investors of all ages to join the revolutionary crowdfunding family. So whether you want to dip into your pension pot or you want to start early on pension investment as a means to setting up a safety net for the future, start your property investment in Manchester with The House Crowd.

What Is Property Crowdfunding?

Property crowdfunding is now taking the investment world by storm, following our brave debut onto the scene in 2012. We were the first (and continue to be the best) platform for property crowdfunding.

We are proud to offer better returns on investment than many other investment models, and allow people previously locked out of the property market to benefit from the lucrative world of property investment. What’s more, we’re helping bring much-needed new homes across the Greater Manchester area.

For more information on the process of getting involved with property crowdfunding, visit our Crowdfunding Process page.

We are committed to breathing life into empty, rundown properties whilst giving investors great returns on their investments.

To find out more about getting great returns on investment with The House Crowd, start by getting to know us here.