May keeps up it’s bullish reputation

This spring season has seen a national property average price rise of 3.6%, nearly a whopping £10,000, pushing the national average up to a record high of £272,003, said to be caused by the combination of the Easter and May bank holidays causing a lull in the number of properties coming to market at a time of high demand.

Whilst demand for housing remains strong (up by nearly 20% for Rightmove enquiries so far for 2014), the supply of new properties just can’t keep up. Early 2014 appeared to be a tease, fondling with an increase in new sellers.

Annually, the rate of increase is now 8.9% (the highest rise since October 2007 when it stood at 10.4%), yet whilst the housing market momentum is recovering, London is still letting the team down. New seller asking price in the big streets of London is up by 16.3% compared to an average of 4.9% in the rest of small town England and Wales. Translation? 2014 asking prices are up by around £4,405 per week in London whilst the weekly average for the rest of us is £1,521.

Indeed, outside London and its commuter belt, demand may be better balanced with supply by the more stringent checks and affordability tests under the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) that became mandatory less than a month ago. The main conclusion at present is that the delays in lenders’ processing systems are curtailing lending, with it being too early to comment whether mainstream buyer activity will have a significant drop-off from the new controls.

Where a major imbalance exists between supply and demand the long-term solution has to be to create more housing supply to meet any structural need rather than to artificially hold down demand. But with Spring over and the summer fast approaching, the lull in the market can only get better! This is where we come in! Here at The House Crowd, we believe Investors should “crowd” together, each providing a small amount of the money needed to purchase a suitable investment property at a good price,  typically an empty or run down property where we can add value through refurbishment. This in turn improves the supply of the housing market, creating fair value for money.

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Let ‘Us’ Do The Property Investment Work For You

If you’re considering entering the buy-to-let property investment  market for the first time, and taking on the title of ‘landlord’ there is a raft of things you need to consider before jumping in; the property price, the structure of the building and the amount of rooms, to name but a few, however one not to be ignored is location. Kirsty and Phil have a point – location is everything!

The location can make a real difference to your rental return; new landlords may find that tenancy agreements are signed quicker if they can attract tenants to a region where there are plenty of opportunities. Consider facilities, such as transport links, shops, gyms and cinemas, not forgetting institutions such as hospitals, a university campus or a really good school down the road.

Here at The House Crowd, we do the homework for you, taking the hassle out of property investment and the burden of being a landlord, by finding great investment properties, in areas of good rental demand that produce high property investment net yields.  We then add value  through refurbishing empty properties therefore breathing new life into them and then selling them on.

Our unique crowdfunding model, opens property investment to the masses, by using just a small amount of capital. So if you’re weighing up the options and considering becoming a landlord, why not invest in The House Crowd and let us carry the weight of property investment on our  shoulders rather than yours.

The House Crowd is a brand new concept in property investment which allows people to invest small amounts via crowdfunding (for more information on the process, visit www. We are committed to breathing life into empty, rundown properties whilst giving investors great returns on their investments (for more information about us, visit www. If you’ve read enough and want to invest now, visit www.

Is the Government listening?

Okay, we have known for years that not enough new homes are being built. Increased demand and shortage of supply will  inevitably drive the affordability of housing out of the reach of many and create a huge problem. But what about making more use of the housing that we already have as opposed to building new homes?


We have a plethora of empty run down properties that have to be considered when we discuss this housing shortage – over 750,000 empty properties last time I read a report on it.  Surely we can look at incentivising further the investing in repossessed properties, bringing them back to life as opposed to just thinking about building expensive new ones.

At The House Crowd, our ethos is to make money for our investors; however,  we are also proud of the fact that we breathe new life into properties that others have left to rot.  Our methodology is a win/win for everyone, we allow people to make great returns from investing in property (from as little as £1,000) and in doing so provide a home that otherwise wouldn’t exist for a tenant or first time buyer.

By the way we are well under way to renovating HCP 003 and have offers accepted on HCP004. House Crowd Project 005 will be launching tomorow

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