Stepping Up To The Plate

The House Crowd steps up as many landlords step back from LHA tenancies.

More than half of landlords can no longer afford to rent to tenants on housing benefits according to a survey by the National Landlords Association (NLA), which we at www. think is a very worrying statistic.

We’ve known for a while that cuts to allowances were happening, however, with 53% of landlords now stating these cuts make it untenable  to rent to those on benefits, and almost 69% saying they don’t expect to rent to LHA tenants in the future , what position does this leave these vulnerable people in?

It is times like these when property investment strategies such as our crowdfunding model really come into their own. Not only are we stepping in as LHA landlords, at a time when supply is increasingly limited but demand is high, we are also enabling would-be landlords the opportunity to be part of a property investment group, without the worry issues such as these can present.