Cash “bung” for communities building new homes

Planning Minister, Nick Boles, has signalled an intention to direct up to £650,000 to councils that allow the development of new homes on their unused land. The money will be provided to local authorities by house builders once they receive planning permission.

Mr Boles hopes this innovative proposal might help tackle the UK’s growing housing shortage crisis.

As part of the scheme, local people could stand to receive up to 25 per cent of the money for the improvement and provision of local infrastructure, if plans are supported via a local referendum.

Whilst it’s good to see the Government coming up with new ways to stimulate housing development, our concern with this scheme is that the imposition of an increased tax on house builders might drive up the price of land, thus affecting the provision of less expensive, affordable homes.

At The House Crowd, we think it vital that with an apparent renewed focus on new builds, the Communities Minister’s pledge to ensure that 5,000 empty homes be refurbished to tackle the national housing shortage are not put on the backburner.

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